Celebs Share Their Memories of Peter O’Toole, Dead at 81

A true Hollywood legend, Peter O’Toole, passed away on Saturday after a long illness. Best known for playing the title role in Lawrence of Arabia, O’Toole was nominated for eight Academy Awards between 1962 and 2006. When he was awarded an honorary Oscar at the age of 70, he nearly declined it, telling the Academy, "I am still in the game and might win the bugger outright." And stay in the game he did: His final performance, in Katherine of Alexandria, comes out this year.
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Why We Renumber Runways When the Earth’s Magnetic Field Shifts

Why We Renumber Runways When the Earth's Magnetic Field Shifts

The FAA can make the rules about air travel (god no inflight calls, please), but it’s still beholden to the whims of earth’s shifting magnetic field. Runways are named after their compass orientations to help pilots navigate. A changing magnetic field, however, means they now have to be renumbered.

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Tom Cruise vs. Lady Gaga: The Weirdest Mash-Up You’ll Watch All Year

Video mashes up “Edge of Tomorrow” with “The Edge of Glory.”

By Alex Zalben



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Android 4.4.1 update for Nexus 5 now live

Nexus 5

Camera improvements are the focus this time around

Shortly after Google officially announced that an update to Android 4.4.1 was making its way out to Nexus 5 devices, folks have started to see it on their own devices. The update supposedly fixes many of the issues with the Nexus 5's camera, including poor autofocus and slow capture speeds, although we can't know for sure what else is included in this update until we take a deeper look.

For now, if you've instantly lost your patience waiting for the update to hit your device, you can grab a download of the official file from Google at the link below. If you need help understanding the basic process of flashing this file to your own Nexus 5, head to our guide for Nexus tablets — the process is the same.

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This is what a 3,400-year-old mummy steak looks like

This is what a 3,400-year-old mummy steak looks like

If you were Queen Tiye of Egypt’s parents you wouldn’t want to go to the Otherworld just with some bread and beer and wine and jewelry. You would like to eat a good ribeye beef steak, prepared with a mixture of fat, beeswax, and Pistacia resin.

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Kelly Clarkson Is Pregnant!

The singer is expecting a baby with husband Brandon Blackstock! Plus, see more pregnant stars.

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Deal of the Day: Cruzerlite Clone Army Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Deal of the Day The Nov. 17 Deal of the Day is the Cruzerlite Clone Army Case for Samsung Galaxy S3. This flexible case is made from shock absorbent and scratch resistant TPU, is slim-fitting and provides great protection from day to day use and drops. Each case features an army of Androids on the back and come in several colors to choose from!

The Cruzerlite Clone Army Case is available for just $5.49, 73% off today only. Backed by our 60-day return policy and fast shipping.

Check out more amazing deals on Samsung Galaxy S3 cases at ShopAndroid.com!

Canada Deal of the Day

Case-Mate Barely There Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Today Only: $9.95


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Cyanogen makes it easier to install alternate Android OS

Android users have long been frustrated with the way handset makers lag in upgrading Android. Some go so far as to replace the phone maker’s version of Android with CyanogenMod, a custom build that’s designed for flexibility and tweakability. However, getting the CyanogenMod ROM loaded onto a smartphone has never been easy.

That’s about to change. The company behind CyanogenMod (named Cyanogen, although it’s contemplating a name change) has launched a tool, available in the Google Play store, that helps automate the install process for its ROM.

Dubbed CyanogenMod Installer, the app actually consists of two components. One is the Android app, the other a PC-side app that can be downloaded from Cyanogen. The user connects the phone to the PC, and the PC-side app performs most of the heavy lifting required to install the CyanogenMod ROM on the phone.

It’s a good way to automate¬†a process that was originally quite ornery and discouraged many people — even many technically savvy ones — from bothering with CyanogenMod. The loader app doesn’t require you to root your phone or unlock your bootloader first, both of which were obstacles to getting CyanogenMod loaded in the past.¬†Another convenient feature of the installer is that it lets you make a full backup of your phone and restore to that in the event you want to revert to the stock ROM.

The most glaring limitation of the installer? Right now it works with a smaller subset of phones. Since each phone — and often every version of each phone from different carriers — requires a different build of CyanogenMod, the installer also has to be crafted to support all those individual sub-builds. Also, the installer is Windows-only; there are no Mac or Linux versions yet.

Finally, if you’re looking to CyanogenMod as a way to install KitKat ahead of everyone else, you can’t — at least, not yet. Cyanogen is working on a version of KitKat, but wants to do it right and is focusing for the time being on polishing its Android 4.3-based releases.

In time, all this tinkering might not be needed. Cyanogen is formulating plans to work directly with phone makers as a way to get its edition of Android into many more hands. The only thing easier than using an app to install CyanogenMod would be to buy a phone with it already preloaded.

CyanogenMod isn’t the only alternative Android ROM out there; the Miui project released version 3.11.8 of its ROM on Nov. 8. But Cyanogen has the mind share — and, most important, the ease of use — that projects like this often lack.

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MakerBot Academy aims to bring ‘industrial revolution’ to classrooms

The President calling for a revolution during a State of the Union should be enough to make anyone’s ears perk up. The launch of MakerBot Academy is said to be a response to just that, an attempt to realize President Obama’s plea to “ensure that the Next Industrial Revolution in manufacturing will …

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This HTC Passive Speaker Costs $8,000

This HTC Passive Speaker Costs $8,000

If you’re looking for particularly decadent accessory for your HTC One, perhaps you’d be interested in a wonderfully elaborate gramophone-inspired passive speaker? If you’ve got $8,000 lying around, at any rate.

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